Viz Artist

Viz Artist allows designers and graphic designers to create complete virtual sets and complex 3D animations. Furthermore, it makes bread-and-butter operations more efficient, such as creating geometries and characters for the graphic info. It also supports map import and video management. It has all the features of a complete Live graphics creation system to meet all the broadcasting needs. More information

Viz Engine

Viz Engine is one of the most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines. It transforms animated 3D scenes in real time, producing high-quality HD, 4K and more animations. Viz Engine works as a stand-alone video server and also as a graphic compositing platform for products such as Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Viz Weather, Viz Virtual Studio

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Viz Trio

Viz Trio is a world market leading character generator (CG) used for any live event. With Viz Trio you can control the output of graphics and videos to quickly make changes to your content. Viz Engine, our real-time compositing software, offers Viz Trio playlist content in HD SDI video or as an IP stream. More information

Viz Virtual Studio

Viz Virtual Studio offers directors and set designers endless possibilities for designing virtual studios, of any size and type, to allow them to tell the most diverse stories. With Viz Virtual Studio you can create complex and interactive 3D virtual sets and immersive graphics, using a simple and intuitive interface. Viz Virtual Studio allows a single operator to manage complex productions that would normally require a team of operators. This allows staff to focus on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.

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Viz Multiplay

Live productions are becoming increasingly complex and the sets are often composed of several Led Walls, to offer presenters more storytelling options. Viz Multiplay offers companies a simple and fast way to control content, all from a single interface. It is easy to use and flexible enough to allow the distribution and management of content on multiple LEDs in a simple and fast way.

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