4K & Live Special Effect for Film


BDS aims to develop and acquire technologies which could revolutionize the audiovisual world to reconnect those who are the users of the second screen, smartphone and more towards cinema and TV. Among these technologies we find the new 4K formats, the use of Augmented Reality systems for special effects and virtual reality that allow the link, which is currently missing, between second screens and the audiovisual world. BDS points to purchase and make these technologies its own in its video post-production and graphic post- production rooms to give impetus to the market, as well as the acquisition of equipment for the creation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality special effects. for the audiovisual market (cinema and television).


With this project we aim to intervene on all those who are the new media and means of communication in the audiovisual sector:

– New UHD and 4K video formats

– Augmented reality

BDS aims to acquire technologies to create new digital media for the latest generation UHD audiovisual market (Ultra HD) 4K . The BDS investments points to equip itself with the latest generation HP Workstation with processors and graphics memory capable of managing resolutions of 3840×2160 pixels. The videos and images to be processed are extremely large, the use of Storage Avid Nexis ensures the  pace and bandwidth necessary to manage projects, films, fiction within their editing rooms.

Augmented Reality is an innovative audiovisual tool that allows the creation of special effects that can be used in the cinema sector, incredibly captivating hybrid sets (real – virtual). BDS has many years of experience in virtual studios field, ChromaKey and special effects and through this historical background BDS wants to move towards a new technology called Augmented Reality, which is becoming more and more popular in the audiovisual sector.

The system that BDS wants to acquire is composed of different technologies that put together lead to this final result. The system consists of Blackmagic 4K….. or HD cameras that can be mounted on supports that allow large camera movements. These media are called Crain in the jargon and are used in both the Film / Fiction and Television industry. The camera is equipped with sensors and technologies from the company StypeGrip that capture the movement data of the camera

The Stypegrip system then sends the above data on UDP protocol. To obtain Augmented Reality special effects in real time we will use very powerful graphics engines from the VizRT company which are able to create graphics in real time that follow the movement of the camera and create special effects. This system allows you to mix CGI graphics elements with the real world, creating a cinematic augmented reality.

If instead of the real environment we want to create a virtual environment with the exact same technology and with the addition of systems for the ChromaKey CrystalVision, we will be able to create special effects suitable for films and for the reconstruction of environments. The ChromaKey CrystalVision technique, combined with the sensors mounted on the StyperGrip camera, allows the creation of 2 video levels in which background videos can be inserted to recreate any environment.


The advantage of using these two technologies together is that all camera movements will be visible in real time by the director and the production time will be significantly shorter. Today’s movie sets are more demanding and need fast times, with augmented reality systems they are able to understand what can and what cannot work.


From the constant evolution of BDS towards cutting-edge video production and post-production techniques and technologies, it is possible to outline the competitive scenario in which it operates and how the current augmented reality market will expand in the coming years: with PCs in decline and smartphones towards saturation in advanced markets, augmented reality is not taking long to become the new captivating trend in the technological universe.