With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Alfalite stands out in the creation, design, and manufacturing of LED displays in Spain. Their headquarters in Huelva spans over 2,000 m² and is equipped with all the necessary tools for designing, testing, storing, and demonstrating their LED products to clients.

They are recognized as a renowned manufacturer of LED displays, known for their high-quality, durable, and reliable solutions offered at competitive and advantageous prices to meet customer needs.

By ensuring the highest quality in all their products, they provide excellent post-sales customer service, key elements of their success in the LED display sector.

Alfalite brings innovation to the heart of Spain, where LED displays come to life. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality, they personally manage every stage of production through their Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) production lines. The finely tuned industrial process leverages advanced technologies and automation to ensure the exceptional quality of each screen. Through rigorous methods such as visual inspection tests, aging tests, leak checks, and analyses of vibration, temperature, and humidity, they ensure that each unit meets the highest standards.

Modular PIX

The MODULARPIX range represents the line of LED panels optimized for permanent installations in diverse environments such as Leisure, Broadcast, Virtual Set, Corporate, and Retail. These panels are an evolution of the Litepix model, specifically adapted for fixed indoor use. Characterized by a lightweight yet robust injected aluminum structure, they offer the flexibility of both curved and standard configurations.

– Resistant to impacts, liquids, and chemicals. – Protection against static electricity. – Increased longevity and reliability due to a lower incidence of faults. – An extended viewing angle up to 175º, both horizontally and vertically. – High ESD protection > 10kV against static electricity.

– Fire resistance standard, UL94-0 certified. – Excellence in precision and module positioning, with a tolerance of less than 0.05 mm. – Improved heat dissipation. – Ease of cleaning and disinfection. – Among the fastest repair times in the industry.

MODULARPIX PRO stands out for its versatility, allowing both rear and front access through magnetic systems to meet the specific needs of every type of installation. Maintenance of the modules and power supply is very simple, as it can be performed from the front.

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