Quantum Metaglove

All new Quantum Tracking Technology

The Quantum Metaglove provides high fidelity finger tracking by using millimeter accurate fingertip tracking sensors. These sensors are free of drift and deliver highly accurate and reliable finger capture data.

The MANUS Quantum technology creates an accurate hand skeleton by automatically calibrating your hand size.

The Quantum Tracking sensors of the Metagloves send the finger data to our software, which creates an accurate digital copy of your hand that can mimic even your most complex movements and poses.

Prime II Xsens Gloves

Add finger data directly into Xsens MVN and its plugins with Manus Prime II Xsens gloves.

The Prime II Xsens gloves have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with Xsens MVN Animate, the 3D character animation software used by industry professionals around the world. Gloves are immune to magnetic interference.

Prime II Xsens gloves come with 12 months hardware warranty and lifetime support.

For more detailed information on Prime II Xsens gloves, download the product catalog.

One-click finger tracking in MVN

With direct integration into MVN Animate, the gloves quickly deliver real-time finger data into the existing pipeline. Bring your motion capture to life by upgrading your Xsens suit with Manus finger tracking.

Transmit finger data along with Xsens body data as a single source.

Prime II Xsens performance

Prime II Xsens gloves have been specially developed for motion capture. An easy to set up portable solution with full 11-DOF supported on each finger.


Easy integration of Manus Gloves is one of our top priorities. By enabling direct integration into Xsens MVN software, we have made finger data compatible with all major 3D software packages. Manus Prime II Xsens gloves are compatible with any plug-in / integration compatible with Xsens MVN.

Manus Core

Manus Core, our data management software, is the central hub for all Manus products.

Free third party software plugins allow you to stream your data and in real time directly to your custom character in Unity, Unreal, MotionBuilder.

Get started in less than a minute. Your Manus gloves can be quickly calibrated with three simple gestures.

Prime II Xsens supports simultaneous multi-user calibration so you and your team can focus on what matters.

Manus Core is also available with our SDK which supports C ++

Interchangeable battery

All new generation Manus gloves are equipped with interchangeable batteries, with a huge boosted battery life that powers 5 hours of continuous uninterrupted motion capture time. Choose to charge the battery during use or charge it individually. The gloves reconnect immediately after replacing the battery, eliminating downtime for recalibration.

Washable gloves

With many hours of use, keeping your gloves in tip-top shape and ready for your next session is essential. We made the Prime II Xsens gloves washable by easily removing the sensors from the glove fabric. Additional glove fabrics can be purchased separately so that all team members have their own personal set, simply swap sensors from one fabric to another to use the same hardware ensuring responsible hygienic use.