Thanks to technology Orad, our study allows the tracking of movements realtime room, giving the possibility of creating any type of setting.

We have different scenery to suit all needs.

Our solutions allow changes of graphics in seconds.

Using these features, Show weather can also use iPad or Touch systems, sound effects and digital video effects and even the integration of live video.

Our solution supports real-time weather, both through the presentation of the symbols on the go is with high-resolution 3D animations.

The functionality of the generator particles allows the creation of a visual representation of the development of accurate estimated time: The shape and the movement of clouds can be displayed in 3D.


Weather data, what is the temperature, speed and wind direction, weather symbols, 3D maps, and radar maps are displayed automatically with corresponding graphic elements in real time, using pre-made templates.

All the required tools are available ad hoc, without the need to pre-script moves and features and post production
The presenter remains in front of the camera to tell the story in an interactive way and explain the weather.
The latest information automatically pop on-screen warning to keep viewers informed
Possibilities of interactivity with both systems on large touch screens or via iPad

This technology allows you to give viewers landmarks visible on our large virtual screens and let ‘s attention meteorologist climate.


We have developed meteo data that can be adapted to the needs of TV channels, media, companies and communities. Meteorologists can predict from day to day, following precise specifications. Weather for sports tournaments, etc. forecast for television (with the presenter or voice off): BDS produces forecast for TV stations or websites, handling graphics, content or calibration, whatever the position.

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