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Design 70%
Professionalism 90%

BlueSet, is a solution for virtual sets multiformat Orad, offers a new look for any type of production, from the solutions for the weather to sports shows or entertainment programs. With BlueSet, even the smallest of chroma in a traditional studio can be turned into a 3D virtual environment complete. BlueSet is compact, easy to use and maintain with plug and play true. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s production, allows loading of multiple sets, which can be activated with a click …
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Social Media Hub (SMH) increases the public’s attention allowing them to interact directly with the transmission through the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social Media Hub allows broadcasters to collect, filter and distribute user-generated content of social media during programming. The solution Social Media Hub integrates with the systems and existing workflows, enabling staff to step up and quickly manage the content of social media. Social Media Hub becomes graphic content generated by Orad for social media.

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The application suite Master offers a complete workflow that meets the various needs graphics for TV stations and production houses, including ingest-authoring, management, distribution, playout and archiving. Maestro can be used in a wide variety of environments, such as News, branding, studio productions, OB – vans, editing and post-production, on a single graphics platform, integrated with applications for news, and automation modification of common use. The application suite Master offers a workflow suitable for every situation. Thanks to its modular architecture provides multiple solutions to meet each broadcaster. The whole system is fully scalable, so if there was the need to add new components, may be easily added in a second stage. The simplest configuration consists of a station master controller for a single channel rendering, which can be easily extended to more channels and easily integrated with the editing, or any of the other modules of the Master Suite, without a complex installation process and maintaining all material previously created.

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