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As our services we provide 365 days a year on Demand clips and clips for Weather Horoscope La7 for the morning news.

The standard we use is HD XDCAM HD and the prediction is that we provide:

Satellite image

Picture pressure and precipitation

Forecast on Europe

Forecast Italy, North, Central, South

The graphics can be 2D or 3D and updated automatically through automation systems specially designed by the BDS.

Weather data can come from RSS feeds, data Air Force or any other database.

Through the systems ORAD you can also configure virtual sets within which there will be the weather


The BDS through services provided at RAI and LA7 has developed a weather content that can be adapted to the needs of TV channels, media, companies and communities. We have available weather data to predict day-to-day, according to precise specifications. BDS produces forecast for TV stations or websites, handling graphics, content or calibration, whatever the position. The study can create an identity World Meteorological and integrate virtually all information.

Among the services that we offer in one of the many virtual sets we have available:

Weather for any country / continent – National Weather – Weather Regional -Weather Provincial – Weather for websites – Weather for App and Mobile

We have presenters / Sales Representatives in Italian or in a foreign language that can respond fully to the needs of the customer

We clips weather on Demand for any need:

Weather with Music

Weather with Audio Dub, with male and female voices

Weather for Airports

Weather for sporting events