Accuracy 100%
Design 80%
Chroma Keyng 100%

The best full HD chroma keyer of Crystal Vision. E ‘was selected by Broadcast Engineers for image quality, ease d’ use and for the long list of features – including compensation lighting, color correction and video delay. Safire 3 is a pleasure to use, using the dedicated control panel or any web browser. (You can even use your iPad!) And saves rack space – is a module that plugs in our standard rack chassis.

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It is a modular feature-rich, space saving and easy to use for the station branding. Feature-rich … from the possibility to insert three graphics in a screen at one time, using the preview look-ahead you have the opportunity to refine the image to achieve the effect desired by editing the processing controls key and audio mixing. Saving … measuring up to 12 logo keyers in 2U. Easy to use … the software is so instinctive that you will have graphics on the air in a matter of minutes

Product detail of Crystal Vision - Download our brochure


Hard to call it !!! It includes several features in a single card – designed to save money and in terms of space-rack. In addition to sophisticated video synchronization, you can embed and de-embed the same time up to two groups and four sets of analog audio and AES allows the ‘audio and video processing, integrated and fiber connectivity delay compensation flexible. It also supports Dolby E: you can synchronize the video containing a mixture of linear AES and Dolby E audio in the same group and automatically fix alignment guardband, and can encode or decode Dolby E.

Product detail of Crystal Vision – Download our brochure